jd_kickboxer Love Stories by Val Amant

JD Kickboxer 

was inspired by Angel Bouvee, a three time National Champion female boxer that I have the pleasure of communicating with, knowing her through my daughter.  This is not a biography (maybe she'll allow me the pleasure).  


The character, JD, is totally created as a fictitious character and does not reflect the life of Angel.  However, I needed to write this story because Angel's is so compelling.  I couldn't put my pen down, it just rolled out from beginning to end. 


Actually, a nurse in my doctor's office is a dead ringer for the JD character in the story, which is a cute story in itself, making JD real, but she isn't.


In the story, JD and Al Thomas met by chance, he taking a summer job where she happened to work by day, train in the ring by night.


They connect after a rough start, both  drawing on each others strength.  Al Thomas was so impressed with her skills that he lost sight that their relationship was headed towards an inevitable end.

He did everything in his power to promoter her and advance her career, to the point where it drove them apart.


JD KICK BOXER is a beautiful love story.  You decide if it has a happy or sad ending but you'll get emotional regardless.

Author: Val Amant
Words: 19875
Series: Al Thomas Series

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