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Come Dance with Me!

Come Dance with Me!  is sweet love at its sweetest.  She wants to live a normal life and he wants to bring her into his world with his magical pencil and sketchbook.

Come Dance with Me! explores the power, purity, passion, and pain of love in its truest form.

  • Author: Val Amant
  • Type: Novelette
  • Words: 15259

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Why I write

It's all very simple. I like simple because simple is very complex. I write for myself. I write to maintain a level of sanity (or is it insanity!?!). I write to make me laugh. I write to make me cry. I write to experience my existence as it really is. Or is it?

What I write

All my writes are love stories. No not romantic novels. The story can be pure sweetness, horrifically violent, intimately sexual, platonic, or even deadly. My range in time is from far in the past to far in the future. The real and the fantasy may collide and explode (or not).

Fiction & Not

Fiction is derived from imagination and often I leave bits and pieces of each story up to your imagination. it is often said, read in between the lines.

However, in each story I embed a piece of me, making fiction (or not) become real in a manner of speaking in some way. You will never guess what part of the love story is real. I won't tell but I do. You just have to find it. Do I smell contests!?!

I am more a philosopher than a writer. I am inspired by the genius who helped write the Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond, and Albert Camus , The Myth of Sisyphus.

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My readers

I write for me. I do not write for you. Yours is insignificant to mine, though, we are connected. That is a well documented, logical scientific fact. If you want to experience your existence perhaps your reading my writing may be inspirational or motivational. Maybe not.

If yours is a vivid immagination prepared to venture into the known which is really unknown or the unknown which is truly known then you'll understand what you are reading. Maybe not.

My gift to my readers

Giving is the best gift that I'll ever receive. If you like what you read there is always more to read, if you don't, there is always more to read. Either way you win. Just to let you know, I've already won.

You can win too! Later, I'll be sponsoring reading contests and issuing delicious gift cards to the winners. More later if you're still here.
But you have to Sign up.

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Bunches of Love

If their world isn't complicated enough, the Ukraine-Russian war takes them deeper into testing their love.  They strive to beat all odds to keep their love for each other.  It hurts so much.

  • Author: Val Amant
  • Type: Novella
  • Words: 31367

A must read.

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Wrong Address

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When you and your best buddy get discharged from the service you begin to wonder if becoming a civilian was a good thing.

When your working on a job in an apartment complex and see two beautiful women you begin to see that it's a good thing.

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Small Town Girls

His life was going nowhere until they gave him purpose and the passion to love.

  • Author: Val Amant
  • Type: Novella
  • Words: 20000

A must read.

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